Apr. 23/12

IUMUN’12 welcomes you to an opportunity to transform yourself into becoming a part of the global diplomacy, current affairs and international relations. A podium accommodated for you to proffer your thoughts and empower the world with the strength and value of your wisdom. Intervene in the construction of world peace.

Join hands and stand on the forefronts of what will shape our future for this is the movement we shall then re-call as History in the making, enjoy four days of eventful debates, Negotiations, caucusing and artful events that will unfold the true picture of the world that we gladly reside in.

IUMUN’12 promotes opportunities to individuals to be outstanding and the highly devoted assembly of persons have opted to make this event a academic sensation for all delegates.

With distinctive expertise and exquisite talents which hail from our host teams, we are awaiting to welcome you to the most anticipated event of Iqra University.

Conference dates: 26th to 29th May, 2012
Venue: Iqra University, Main Campus

This year, we are going to simulate 6 different committees contrary to last year which have been selected as per their close relevance with the current state of the world. They include,

1. DISEC – Disarmament and International Security Committee.
2. SOCHUM – Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee.
3. SPECPOL – Special Political and Decolonization Committee.
4. ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council.
5. WTO – World Trade Organization.
6. UNCSW – United Nations Commission on the Status of Women