Hello Delegates welcome to the first committee of the General Assembly DISEC. I am Mustafa Ali Khan Afreedi and it is a privilege to be one of your committee directors.  I am an electronic engineering graduate and my interest in the global socio-political  impacts of engineering innovations led me to the realm of Model UNs. Since 2010 I have participated in 5 of the biggest MUNs in Pakistan and have won in all but one of them, and then wanting to further enrich my experiences I moved to the other side of the DIAS by taking the responsibility of a Rapporteur, followed by a fulfilling the role of the Crises Director and recently was given the opportunity and distinct privilege of presiding over the first Internal MUN of my Alma mater Bahria University. In May I will have the distinct pleasure of being part of the Secretariat of EUROMUN 2012 as Director of DISEC.


Beyond MUNning I have close to 10 years of public speaking experience which includes numerous debates, declamations, Host of In-house conferences and the honor of being Master of Ceremony and technical session moderator at 4 international and 2 national conferences and seminars. But that is just one aspect of who I am. Besides the obvious interest in global issues, music, movies, books and games (Masseffect and Skyrim) specially science fiction, fantasy and mystery hold my interest greatly as well. Meeting new people, sharing and enjoying our diverse cultures and a desire to travel the world. My future aspirations are to pursue my studies in nano-electronics or cybernetics while furthering my goal to be a writer of renown.

I look forward to the opportunity to committee sessions filled with excellent research mixed with a little bit of good old rhetoric, and the collection of treasure trove of memories and lifelong friendships

Good Luck and Happy Researching Delegates.


” We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit” ~ Aristotle 


Mustafa Ali Khan Afreedi
Committee Director – DISEC


Honorable delegates,


It is indeed with great anticipation that we welcome you to Iqra University Model United Nations 2012, and in particular the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC).

My name is Nadeem Alikhan and I will be serving as your chair at the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) IUMUN’12 this year. I’m originally from our favorite neighboring country India, but I have received my former education in Pakistan. At present, I’m pursuing my Bachelors in Administration from Iqra University as well as studying for Actuarial Sciences and Risk Management together. It was during my studies
at Iqra University last year that I had the pleasure to pursue my interest in Model UN as
a delegate for the first time, after which I have munned at numerous platforms in the city and brought pride to Iqra many a times. As your committee chair I hope to share with
you my passion for international relations, and particularly questions of security and development.

Chairing at IUMUN this year will be my first chairing experience, and I cannot wait to get started! A special mention must be made to my Co-Chair Mustafa Ali Khan Afreedi, my Vice Chair Hammad Qaiser and my Rapporteur Aurangzeb Noor for their untiring efforts towards IUMUN 2012.

I look forward to meeting all of you and exploring your potentials individually while hearing the ideas and solutions you will bring forth to the negotiating table. Much luck with your preparation and see you soon!


Nadeem Ali Khan
Committee Director – DISEC

Assistant Committee Director: Hammad Qaiser

Rapporteur: Aurangzeb Noor

Topic A:  International Security in light of Emerging Technologies


Topic B: The relationship between Disarmament and development.