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Apr. 19/12


Greetings Delegates,
I am Muhammad Jalil Ahmed Khan and I will be Chairing ECOSOC at IUMUN’12. I am currently a junior at IQRA University and am pursuing my bachelors’ degree in Business Administration. When I was exposed to the MUN scene, I took it as a fun way of learning the dynamics of international relations, international politics and history for which I have developed an immense interest back in my school days. On my journey as a MUNNER, I learn some valuable lessons, such as the importance of consensus building, knowledge of parliamentary procedure and it helped me to understand better that how the process of international debate and negotiation A.K.A DIPLOMACY functions

I started Model United Nations as a delegate at IUMUN’10 where I won the Best Delegate award and since then , I went to almost every national MUN including ROTMUN’10, CBMUN’11,MUNIK’11-12,ZABMUN’12 and have been winning. I have also served as the training officer and the Committee Director of ECOSOC at IUMUN’11. Currently I am serving as the Director Training and shall also be chairing ECOSOC at IUMUN’12 and UNDP at MUNIB’12.

As far as I am concerned, I am an addicted reader; my interest in reading includes HISTORY, BIOGRAPHIES, FICTION and INTERNATIONAL POLITICS. I love to talk on philosophy and history and I appreciate all those who are well versed in the aforementioned. Other than that my less studious hobbies includes GAMING, MOVIES, and MUSIC.

Now moving to the business, the topics in the study guides are of equal and immense importance, delegates are expected to do a thorough research on the issues at hand, and I hope that by the end of this conference, we will have answers and solutions for the problems that we will be discussing in the committee. GOODLUCK

Jalil Ahmed Khan
Committee Director – ECOSOC
IUMUN  ’12


Hello delegates, this is Shabbar Muhammed Virani reporting for duty and at your service. It is my pleasure to welcome you all to IUMUN`12 and I will be your committee director for ECOSOC alongside with comrade Jalil Ahmed. At present, I am a junior at Iqra University pursuing my Bachelors in Business Administration (honors). I started my MUN-ing career back in 2010 and since then I have been part of 6 MUN`s in total representing my university at almost every national MUN. Currently I am being honored to serve my society (IUMUN) as Director Training for this term. I have been associated with this platform for two year now and I have seen politics, diplomacy, discretion and preferentialism both in and out of the conference, but worry not you`ll all find me supporter of the justice-league :p ( I hope you know what I mean).

Coming to the serious part, ECOSOC is the principal organ to coordinate the economic, social and related work of the United Nations and the specialized agencies and institutions. The topics that we will be discussing in ECOSOC are of utmost importance and of prime concern for the globe, also I don`t want to tell you that how important is your role and how your decisions will ultimately shape the future of this committee because I know you already know that. For me the ultimate prize out this committee will not be the delegates winning the outstanding diplomacy award but a new perspective, a way out of the clichés and this is what I am looking for.

Ultimately everyone has the same goal – to take the award home , but in order to achieve that you all know the Formulae :- RESEARCH, RESEARCHand RESEARCH ……surprise us , tell us what we don`t know because we are the ones who have prepared your study guides.
I`ll give you one last tip before you start doing whatever you desire to , if you wish to fulfill your ambitions in this committee, please do not bore !

“But wishes are only granted in fairy tales.” - Simone Elkeles

Shabbar Virani
Committee Director – ECOSOC

Assistant Committee Director: Abdus Samad Khan

RAPPORTEUR: Muhammad Saad Siddiqui


Topic A: European Debt Crisis.

Topic B: Working Towards the attainment of Millennium Development Goals.