Apr. 19/12

Assalam Aliekum and Hello everyone!
I am pleased and honored to welcome you all to the Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee. My name is Imaduddin Siddiqui and I will be your Committee Director for SOCHUM at IUMUN’12. With me I have Hasan Puri as my Co-Chair who happens to be one of the best MUN-ers that we have at IU.  :)

A bit about myself, I am a senior at Iqra University pursuing my Bachelors degree in Business Administration and in future I plan to bi-major in Marketing and Finance (not so sure). And if I get a chance I would love to pursue a degree in International relations and/or Political Sciences. My MUN-ing career started back in 2010 and since then I have represented Iqra University at almost every national MUN. Recently I won the award for Outstanding Diplomacy at MUNIK’12. Apart from that I have also served as the Training officer for IUMUN society and have had the honor of being the Assistant Committee Director at ROTMUN’11 and Committee Director at IUMUN’11, PAFMUN’12 and MUNiB’12. I have also served as the Conference Advisor for DAHMUN’12(Saudi Arabia) and I would be chairing HRC at Asia-PacificMUN’12(Australia) and UNSC at TIMUN’12(Netherlands) Insha’Allah. Currently I am serving as the Secretary General of Iqra University Model United Nations Society.


Coming back to the committee, this year at SOCHUM the topics that we would be discussing are of paramount importance and require some serious consideration from the UN member states. These issues might have been brought up on various forums in the past but there is still a lot to be done. You are expected to do a thorough analysis of these topics and your country’s stance while at the same time, keeping into perspective the mandate of SOCHUM.


Bring in the best of your skills for the heated debate and discussion during the sessions but always remember that diplomacy is the core of the proceedings.

Finally you will be judged on the basis of your grasp over the Rules of Procedure and as far as I am concerned, for me a good delegate is not the one who has the best research, but rather the one who uses his/her research and convinces the committee to act in a way that he/she wants with astute articulation of his/her relevant ideas and exhibition of discipline and professionalism.


So Good Luck to you all. See you in May. Godspeed!  :)

Imaduddin Siddiqui
Committee Director – SOCHUM
Secretary General



Hello Delegates,

I have the prestigious honor to chair the third committee of the General Assembly i.e. SOCHUM (Social Cultural and Humanitarian Committee). My name is Hasan A. Puri and this would be my first time as a committee chair. I am currently doing my BBA for Iqra University having Marketing and Finance as my majors in my mind, apart from studies I spent most of my time either on the football field or at the front of my TV playing Xbox. l am the first choice Goal keeper of Iqra University’s Football team and I have achieve few landmarks with my team members, currently we are the P&G inter university championship Champions and recently were runners up in Greenwich University Football championship.
I am thrilled to be working alongside one of my mentors Imaduddin Siddiqui. He was the one along with Syed Wajahat Ali who introduced MUN to me which was a kick start to MUNNING career. My first MUN was IUMUN’11 after that I have attended a lot of MUNs representing my university and have succeeded in learning the art of diplomacy. The list includes ROTMUN, ZABMUN, and MUNIKIII. I have been associated with SOCHUM twice at ZABMUN and MUNIK III. I have always enjoyed debating and have polished my negotiation skills plus I have learned how to conclude a problem with a WIN-WIN situation.

What do I expect from you guys it to be fully prepared and do a lot of research come up with innovative solutions to the problems regarding the topic and problems you face in the committee, I would like to see positivity in the committee and yes THE MOST IMPORTANT PART I WANT THE COMMITTEE TO BE ON THEIR TOES AND BE PROACTIVE!!
That is all from my side looking forward to meet you in the committee sessions, Take care and Happy Researching J

Hasan A. Puri,
Committee Director – SOCHUM

Assistant Committee Director : Abbas Mala

Rapporteur: Sadia Abdul Jabbar




Topic A: Right of Minorities

Topic B: Social and Humanitarian Efforts in Conflict Zones