Apr. 19/12

I am Syed Wajahat Ali who would be the committee director at SPECPOL at IUMUN’12. I am at present a final year student at IQRA University from where I am pursuing my bachelors in Business Administration (Honors). Apart from that, I take ardent interest in geopolitical issues and international politics which was the reason perhaps why I started MUN-ing at my university and in my somewhat brief MUN career have been a part of no less than 12 Model United Nations conferences which also include TIMUN 2012 (Holland) and EuroSima 2012 (Turkey).In addition to that, I am the President of IQRA University Model United Nations Society.

Apart from MUNs, I am an addict reader of history, religions, politics and literature which is my passion. Now coming back to the business part of the conference, ladies and gentlemen, congratulations for being a part of the fourth committee of the UNGA that is SPECPOL which is perhaps one of the most important committee of United Nations given current times of decolonization and international separatist’s movements that is challenging the very concept of sovereignty of the “state”. But with reputation comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes expectations. Now your job would be to live up to the chair‘s expectations to simply put it.

Finally, I expect a positive and productive discussion rather than reiterations. If you think you are good enough to live it up to my expectations, be assured that the best delegate award is for you, but then again I really doubt that would be the case unless you can prove me wrong.

When it comes to luck, you make your own. Godspeed!!

Syed Wajahat Ali
Committee Director – SPECPOL



Dear Delegates of the Political Committee,
Welcome to the United Nations Special Political and Decolonization Committee at Iqra University Model United Nations Conference 2012. To the veterans of MUN, I promise you an enriching debate that you’ve never experienced before and to the newcomers, I am really excited to be a part of your maiden voyage!


My name is Abdul Sattar Ansari and I am a student of Iqra University enrolled in the Bachelors of Business Administration Program. Even though this will be my first time as a Committee Chair, hence making this conference as much of a great learning experience for you as for me, I have participated in a number of national conferences as a delegate and three of these as a delegate of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee.  I expect you all to be highly motivated during the conference, regardless of what area of study mostly interests you, as I can guarantee that this is the only way this conference will be a fruitful experience for each and every one of you and during the conference would be to urge you delegates to put your best foot forward and take back an unforgettable experience.
As for this guide I would like to remind you that it is only a guide! It is a very good place to start your research but by no means an end. I will try to include the basic, necessary information that one has to know in order to understand the topic, from there on it is your job to take your research and your knowledge to the next level and remember one of the golden rules in debate is certainly applicable during a MUN conference: “it doesn’t matter if you are not perfectly right as long as the other one is wrong”. This is of course a hyperbole but you get the picture.
In these four days, as the ambassadors of various countries, you will be at the helm of world politics and will be engaged in intense negotiations on the following issues on the following issues-

  • Civil Wars and the Creation of New States
  • Economic Colonization – Post Iraq

Abdul Sattar Ansari
Committee Director


Assistant Committee Director : Kashif Bhutto

Topic A: Civil Wars and the Creation of New States

Topic B: Economic Colonization – Post Iraq