Apr. 19/12

Honourable Delegates!

Welcome to the UN Commission on the status of Women simulation at IUMUN 2012. This is Syed Usman Naqvi, your Committee Director this year. I am a sophomore at HU, majoring in Energy Engineering. I have had a keen interest in debates and public speaking right through my school and college years, though, MUNs interests me the most. Having initiated with my MUN career back in 2008, to date, I have attended eight such conferences as a delegate, as well as part of the secretariat. For me MUNing is just not about speaking, it’s about speaking accurate.

At UNCSW, we aim to; provide all possible rights to women of the 21st century, empower them and remove all possible obstacles from their way to development; enabling them  to stand along and compete against the opposite gender in nearly all aspects of life. Being a UNCSW delegate, you have the chance to examine issues that are significant even when inspected outside the lens of human rights.

Your diplomatic attitude, convincing skills, perfect research and ability of resolving the issue right from the root, are the factors I am looking for. Remember that your hard work will only turn for you, if you advance your research from that already provided to you in the study guides. They are just to provide you an introduction to the topics; it’s your game to find the majors hidden under it. DO NOT step out from your stance, as, the moment you do so, your game is over.

So delegates DELVE INTO IT; collecting bundles of papers will not help you at all. I want to hear a lot more than what I already know about the topic.

Together Everyone Achieves More!

Let the enquiry begin!

See you in May!

Syed Usman Naqvi
Committee Director – UNCSW.



Honorable Delegates!!


I am extremely pleased to welcome you all in IUMUN 2012 and particularly in the United Nation Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW). My name is Saad Altaf and I will be co-chairing this committee. I am a student of Iqra University and studying in the 7th semester pursuing my BBA.
My munning career began in 2010 and IUMUN was the platform where it started. Since then I have taken part in six MUN’s in Karachi.

The motivation for MUN’s was backed by the passion of public speaking. And this is my first time as a committee director. I assure you that the committee topics are designed in a way that it will not only test your intellectual capabilities but will also ensure that you gain an in depth knowledge of the issues relating to the women in today’s world.

Good Luck.


Saad Altaf
Committee Director – UNCSW


Rapporteur: Umair Ali Khan

Topic A: Eradication of brutal sexual practices.

Topic B: Rights of women and the developing world.