Apr. 19/12

Asalam-u-alaikum Respected Delegates,

I welcome you with immense gratitude to Iqra University Model United Nations 2012. My name is Muhammad Danish Rafique and I will be your committee director in World Trade Organization (WTO).

1st about myself, I am student of Iqra University, 6th semester, where I am pursuing BBA-H and in future I want to excel in the field of Econometrics and Finance. My reason for being affiliated with Model UN is it enables me to enhance my understanding and core concepts on my area of interest on ongoing basis. My 1st association with Model UN dates back to 2008, since then my passion for international relations, foreign affairs and diplomacy has been escalating as I have been participating in conferences all around Pakistan. I was the (founding) Secretary General of IUMUN Conference in 2010 and 2011. This year, as fresh MUNers from IU gaining valuable experiences climb up the ladder and bear responsibility of this society, I have the chance to divert my concentration chairing the committee of my interest.

WTO has been introduced for the 1st time in IUMUN. This year, topics will literally question the fundamentals of longstanding trade agreements and practices in order to propose a new and more stable monetary framework in the international trade and finance. Chosen topics have been raised on few platforms but till now no concrete solution has been presented to the world community to solve unjust economic disparity between nations. Your job is to maneuver within the mandate of the WTO, address problems and highlight sustainable solutions in the committee sessions.

I advise you to bear in mind the viewpoint of your country and the global dynamics of the topics. Continue researching so that you can come to conference with a strong foundation with which to debate upon. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write me.

I am looking forward meeting you all on rendezvous.

M. Danish Rafique
Committee Director – WTO



My name is Nazish Shakeel and I’m very pleased to welcome you to IUMUN 2012. I’m currently in my Senior year of Bachelors of Business Administration at Iqra University and would be chairing the WTO Committee alongside the very able M. Danish Rafique.

I’m a Founding Member of Iqra University Model United Nations (IUMUN), and was also the Joint Secretary General for IUMUN 2010. I was also the Official Trainer for IUMUN 2010, where I trained 94 participants who were all doing MUN for the first time, so I know what you’d be having in mind if this is your first MUN experience.

To me, MUN-ing isn’t just about doing your research. It’s about doing your research and knowing when to speak it up (following the rules of MUN style of speech, of course) and how to build and exhibit your diplomacy skills by forming strategic alliances with the other countries/blocks in the committee. Just the debate isn’t enough in itself, coming up with a viable Draft Resolution to the problems is also very important, and all these will contribute towards your qualification for the Best Delegate award.

While preparing for WTO, you have to go beyond the committee guides in understanding your country’s stance and how you should work in the committee sessions during the conference. Being your chair I’d be happy to clear up any issues or confusions you have about the topics, and I wish you all a great debate ahead and Happy MUN-ing!

Nazish Shakeel
Committee Director– WTO



Rapporteur: Danish Raza Sarani

Topic A: Free trade in the light of Globalization v/s Protectionist measures

Topic B: Recalling the stipulations of Bretton Woods Agreements in light of current economical and financial landscape