Apr. 19/12

Q. What is the minimum and maximum number of delegates a delegation is allowed to send?
Answer. Minimum 2 delegates & maximum 6 delegates.


Q. Are delegates allowed o register individually?
Answer: Yes, there is a separate form for individual delegates.


Q. How many delegations can be entertained from an Institution?
Answer. There is no constraint on the number of teams an institute is allowed to send.


Q. Are private delegations allowed? How to apply for private delegations?
Answer. Yes, we would be entertaining private delegations but they are ought to carry some form of photo identity at all times in the conference and institutions would be given first preference to private delegations. To apply for a private registration, you must write “Private delegation” in Institution name in the registration form.


Q. Can the delegates purchase tickets for social events at the venue?
Answer. Yes, but yes that depends on the availability of the tickets. We highly recommend that the delegations should purchase their social events tickets at the time of registration.


Q. What are the modes of payment?
Answer. The payment must be made via bank deposit/transfer or cash transfer in hand.


Q. When will payment details be communicated?
Answer. Payment Details will be communicated in the Acceptance/Confirmation email.


Q. How will payment confirmation be sent?
Answer. Payment confirmation will be sent via acceptance/confirmation e-mail.


Q. If an institute cancels their registration after paying the fee would it be refunded?
Answer. No, we have a strict no-refund policy for registrations.


Q. What criteria would be used to allocate countries?
Answer. The countries would be allocated on random basis by the registrations team after consultation with the secretariat.


Q. Can any delegate change his/her committee once registered?
Answer. The delegates will select the committees from the given options in the confirmation email that would be sent to the head delegate. After that no changes will be entertained.


Q. When will we be given confirmations regarding our assigned Committees/Countries?
Answer. As soon as we receive your payments we will provide confirmations regarding your Committees/Countries.


Q. I got an error message during my registration process, what should I do?
Answer. Don’t worry, send us your application number if you have it or send us your name and the email id. We shall get back to you as soon as possible.


Q. Who should we contact in case of any problems in our registration process?
Answer. Reg.iumun12@gmail.com


The Registration team is committed to making registrations for IUMUN 2012 as simple as possible and the registrations department is confident that delegations shall face no discomfort in handling the revamped, user-friendly online registrations portal. In answer to the questions you may have regarding the entire process we have a brief description of the entire registration process. We hope that this year’s IUMUN’12 conference is one to remember.


If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

Ali Faisal Abdul
Director Registrations

Sattar Ansari
Director Registrations