Fee Structure


Registration Fees: Internal (Iqra University)

Individual Registration fee


Social Event package




Registration Fees: External

Individual Registration fee


Social Event package


Faculty Advisor (optional)






Total registration fee = (no. of delegates x individual registration fee) + (no. of delegates taking social event package x social event package fee) + Faculty advisor fee (optional).


Rules for Registration:

1.1. Students from all educational institutions are invited participate in IUMUN’12.

2.2. More than one delegation from same institution can also register.

3.3. There’s no fee re-fund policy.

4.4. Registrations are made on first come first serve basis with limited capacity available at IUMUN’12.

5.5. Country allocation is 100% on random basis.

6.6. Committee once chose, cannot be changed.

7.7. No registration will entertain after closing date of registration that is 15th May.


If you have any queries feel free to contact us.

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Director Registrations                                                                                      Director Registrations

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