Board of Advisors

“The United Nations is a flawed organization and has only striven to serve the vested interest of those states which have a controlling interest in this very organization. It is merely a puppet with the puppetmaster being the developed countries using the UN to serve their needs and to implement their policies”


Statements as the one above are very common in the forum of the Model United Nations, a forum which aims to mimic this very organization. The question arises as to what we aim to establish by following a system of rules and policies which have been decried for being flawed in the first place? The answer to that is very simple. The Model UN aims to bridge the gap between the legislators and the rest of the world. To bring the art of policy making and law formulation to its very grass root level. By providing the experience of a flawed system to the youth of today, we give rise to hope for tomorrow. As the youth of today will be experienced enough not to repeat the mistakes, abolish the flaws and loopholes and to give rise to a system where, as the US Declaration of Independence states, “ every man is created equal under the eyes of God”.


We see this world plagued with problems and this is what the next generation will inherit.  A world filled with more desolation than hope, more despair than joy and more gloom than happiness. But within this world itself, we possess the power to change. We must understand the sheer beauty of the power of speech and what even a single human being can accomplish. This is once again where forums such as the MUN comes into play as it gives students the experience of filling the shoes of world leaders and ambassadors, to view situations from a multitude of perspectives and to make a decision not based on sheer emotions alone, but on the greater good of this world.


My name is Hussain Hasanali, and I will be part of the Iqra University Model United Nations Conference in the capacity of an Advisor. I have been associated with the prestigious platform of Model United Nations for most of my Undergraduate life. Having been one of SZABIST’s very first students to participate in the prestigious Harvard WorldMUN, the Oxford International MUN Conference, the Asian International MUN Conference and countless others. Such Conferences have given me the opportunity to not only hone my public speaking skills, but have also given me the chance to clear up many of the misconceptions the international youth community have regarding this country,


But none of my accomplishments can be compared to my greatest one of all. Having set the foundations of the very first MUN Society in SZABIST by the name of ZABMUN and being the Secretary General of its very first All Pakistan Conference in 2008, which incidentally was the first one in the city of Karachi. ZABMUN gave me the opportunity to polish my skills, broaden my horizons and gain some knowledge on how international bodies like the EU or the UNO operate.


I am currently employed by HBL as an Investment Banker and serving as Youth Coordinator for the United Nations Association of Pakistan.




Hussain Hasanali.



Honorable Diplomats,

My name is Osman Ali Ansari and I am part of the Iqra University Model United Nations Conference Advisory Board. I have graduated from SZABIST having done my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a bi-major in Marketing and Finance.

I was one of the initial recruits of ZABMUN, back in 2007. The very first MUN I attended was LUMUN 2007, as a Delegate of Germany in IAEA and since then there’s been no stopping. I was selected to be a part of a 5 member delegation to the Asian International MUN in Beijing in March 2008 and was also selected, through a competitive process, to be part of the Pakistani representation at the Global MUN held in Geneva in August 2009. I was also Head Delegate to ZABMUN’s Delegation to AIMUN 2010 held in Beijing held in 2010 where we won the coveted Best Delegation Award. This is my third time being a Director of a committee; I was Director of WTO at ZABMUN 2008 alongside being the Treasurer of the Conference and Director for the Economic and Finance Council at ZABMUN 2009 alongside being Director for Marketing for the Conference. Furthermore, I was the President of ZABMUN and Secretary General for the Conference held in 2010. I have been selected to Chair at Conferences such as the Emirates International Model United Nations Conference 2012, the Moscow International Model United Nations Conference 2012 alongside many others.

The importance of forums such as MUN cannot be overstated. The value of Model United Nations – simulating the United Nations – must certainly be determined in great part by the value of the United Nations itself. The United Nations’ value as an international organization is evaluated by many people toward a number of different ends. Academics attempt to apply political science models to its workings to define it and it’s impact on member states. Politicians confer differing value upon it dependant on the day and issue being discussed. Despite these differing evaluations, the true worth of the United Nations can be determined by simply analyzing the continuing existence of the United Nations as an important world body.

Many times, unrealistic expectations are set for the UN by those outside the organization, while the reality of the excellent work performed by the world body goes unnoticed. As Richard Falk notes, “the U.N. is a complex actor with multiple roles that have growing importance in many domains of international life … despite this diversity, the overriding test of U.N. success or failure focuses on its handling of peace and security challenges.” Peace and security is an important part of what we can expect the UN to do but, misinformation or lack of information should not be a reason for ignoring the other valuable work that occupies the majority of the UN’s time.

In these times of turmoil, it will be within the authority of the delegates to solve complex global issues keeping in mind their own foreign policy and the position of their respective states. I wish all the delegates the very best of luck for the Iqra University Model United Nations Conference 2012.




Osman Ali Ansari