Honorable Delegates and Faculty Advisers,

Ladies and gentlemen, with immense pleasure, I invite you all to IQRA University Model United Nations 2012 (IUMUN’12) that would be held from 26th to 29th May, 2012 at IQRA University. This particular conference is being organized by IUMUN society of IQRA University main campus.

As I speak, the entire IUMUN’12 team is working to make this event a mega event and considers your participation as focal to their success. It is 4 days of discussions, debates, negotiations, diplomacy and indeed its all about forging networks while at the same time, learning the dynamics of the international system of which we are a part of. In order to make it a vibrant and learning experience for all the participants, we have a veteran secretariat with more than 80+ MUN experience in between them which includes local, national and indeed international MUNs exposure. This year, the committees being simulated at IUMUN’12 are of paramount significance and relevant principally in times like these while their topics have been chosen deliberately to reflect the need of the hour and to equip the delegates to answer questions that are of principal importance at this point in time. In addition to the secretariat, that would certainly guide the delegates to excel in the topics that they discuss, our management team would make sure that you are provided with every facility that would only compound the efforts of the secretariat and the entire IUMUN’12 in general with mega social events and guest speakers who would add to your knowledge about the world and would act as inspiration to the delegates. This year around, we have a surprise for the delegates as far as guest speakers are concerned.

It is with pleasure, that we inform you that the registrations for IUMUN’12 are now underway and this website would act as your portal to IUMUN’12 and would guide you regarding all the relevant questions that you may have and would guide you step by step with the registration and the committee selection process. You would find contact details of the entire IUMUN’12 team with which you can interact and present your inquiries which we would happily answer.

I would like to thank you in anticipation and would be eager to welcome you at IUMUN’12 where students from 30 different institutions around Karachi are expected to arrive numbering in more than 400 to discuss the most important topics and dilemmas that the world face which would equip them with leadership qualities and this ladies and gentleman, is the main reason for conducting IUMUN’12 as we firmly believe that the future is of the youth, the future is yours and we merely provide you with a platform to speak your mind and voice your concern to make even the most enigmatic of problems looks solvable because the prevalent tragedy of our history has been our passiveness in areas of global politics and international affairs due to which, we have been taken as granted time and time again.

With that, I hope to see you at IUMUN’12 as IUMUN’12 is all about, “Embracing the leaders of tomorrow”.


Syed Wajahat Ali