Secretary General

Honorable Delegates and Faculty Advisers,

It gives me great pride and pleasure to invite you all to IQRA University Model United Nations 2012 (IUMUN 2012) that would be held from 26th to 29th of May,2012 at IU main campus. IUMUN’12 is being organized and managed by the IUMUN society at IQRA University which is bound to be a mega event.
It is my first time that I am actually the Secretary General of a conference. Previously, I have attended several MUNs and have been invited by international MUNs such as Asia Pacific Model United Nations (Australia), DAHMUN (Saudi Arabia) and TIMUN 2012 (Holland). This exposure of both national and international MUNs actually equipped me with a understanding and indeed the responsibilities that one has on his/her shoulder while being the Secretary General of any conference and indeed, my love for accepting challenges prepared me to be the Secretary General here at IUMUN’12.
Being the Secretary General at IUMUN’12, It gives me great pleasure to announce that this year, our secretariat is one of the finest that you are going to find anywhere in Karachi with a combined MUN experience of more than 80 MUNs that includes both national and international MUNs. All the members of the secretariat have gone through a rigorous selection process which again proves the point that the secretariat is second to none. In addition to the secretariat, I personally took the responsibility of introducing only those committees at IUMUN’12 whose importance can not be overlooked and indeed who reflect the need of the hour. For that reason, we have introduced committee such as UNCSW that you would rarely see being simulated in any MUN conference in not only in Karachi but around the world. This simply was done primarily based on the relevance of the topics being discussed in each committee.
Finally, to wrap it all before I leave you to explore about IUMUN’12 on this website, I would like to assure you of the fact that IUMUN’12 is going to be an experience of a life time that would be a fusion of learning, networking and indeed about exploring a world that would only guide you towards intellectual growth in exponential terms.
I wish you a very best of luck for your future and would be waiting to welcome you at IUMUN’12.

Imaduddin Siddiqui
Secretary General